About hot meals
Free hot meals
29-10-2019 15:41
  Properly organized nutrition will help keep the health of the students alive. The need for schoolchildren to develop a healthy lifestyle is based on a number of important reasons.  &nbs...
On catering matters
05-04-2019 10:01
On catering matters Since 2014, on the initiative of the deputies and the proposals of school principals, the choice of a supplier of services, goods for the organization of school meals has been re...
four week menu
08-02-2019 15:22
Monitoring the organization of hot meals for students
11-01-2019 10:06
KSU " secondary school №6 of Sayak village" In the secondary school №6 of Sayak village, 33 children are covered by hot meals. Currently, 100% of children in the dining room are covered by h...