The 4th regional contest of the expressive word among middle school students ...

The 4th regional contest of the expressive word among middle school students ...


  On May 3, on the eve of the Victory Day celebration, boarding School № 2 named after M. P. Rusakov organized and held the annual regional contest of the expressive word among secondary school students, dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the Hero of the Soviet Union, our countryman Kazbek Beysenovich Nurzhanov. This competition is being held this year for the 4th time already, this year it was held on the stage of the Palace of Schoolchildren as part of activities to implement the article “Looking to the Future: Modernizing Public Consciousness” and is timed to the year of the youth.

The purpose of the competition: to instill in the younger generation a love for the Motherland, feelings of patriotism, national spirit, knowledge of the history of our people, names, understand the spiritual content of education. The competition was attended by 13 students of urban and regional schools.

Under the terms of the contest, the contestants need to read by heart a three-minute excerpt from the poem of the poet and writer Zhenis Kashkynov “Batyrdyn Anasy”, as well as reading a 3-4-minute passage from the prose of front-line writers.

According to the results of the Grand Prix contest, Nazerke Uzakbek, a schoolgirl of  Kazbekov Nurzhanov school from Aktogay district. 1st place - Toktazynuly Azamat, pupil of Lyceum № 2, Balkhash; 2nd place was shared by Aidana Birmakhan, gymnasium № 7 and Temirlan Rakhymbaev, a pupil of secondary school in Tasaral, Aktogay district. The 3rd place was awarded to Balym Bauman, a schoolgirl from Shashubai, Aktogay district, and Dilnaz Sakenova, a schoolgirl from school  № 25, was awarded a special prize of  Z. Kashkynov from the organizers of the competition. The rest of the contest participants were awarded certificates and souvenirs.

During the event, pupils of the boarding school №2 inscribed an excerpt from the front-line life of K. Nurzhanov. It is important to note that the teacher of the history of the boarding school  № 2, Zhanat Aidos, contacted the leadership of the «Borodino» Museum in the Volkhov Republic of Belarus and presented words of congratulations to the audience on behalf of the museum management. The event was held at a high level.

Date: 6.05.2019, 10:51 Author: Boarding-school №2