Аbout us

            The lyceum №2 named after Abai was founded in 1932. The Lyceum realizes the curriculum of primary, basic secondary and general secondary education. He teaches in the field of natural sciences and mathematics. Teaching language is Kazakh. To date, 964 students are studying at the lyceum. There are 92 teachers in the teaching staff. Its highest category is 18, the first category is 13, the second category is 10, the category 11, without categories 31. Teacher resercher-7, teacher expert-8, teacher moderator-4.

           There are 31 study rooms in the lyceum, "Rukhaniyat" museum, ethno-cultural center, Abai hall, assembly hall for 150 seats, gymnasium, dining room for 130 seats. In the library of the lyceum there are 47301 copies of books, of which 28973 are textbooks,  and 18328 copies of fiction. Starting from 2015, work at the Bilim Electronic School and the Bilimland portal since 2017. There are 2 computer classes in the lyceum. Total number of computers - 89, new modifications - 6 (chemistry, physics, biology, informatics, Russian language and literature, technology), LCD podium - 2, PEAK - 20. Connected to the Internet.

          The Lyceum has additional clubs such as: vocals, debates, young lifeguard, economics and finance, physics in social media, computer literacy, robotics, future engineers, 3D modeling, STEM, chess, togyzkumalak, volleyball, basketball, logic, intellectum etc. circles work.

          In 2011 there was opened a pre-school mini-center "Nurbobek" at the lyceum. 68 children from 3-5 years of age are brought up in the Center.