School forum-2020: "Model of school education and upbringing: what? how? for what?»

KSU "Secondary school №1 in Balkhash»


School forum-2020:

"Model of school education and upbringing: what? how? for what?»



14:00-14:30 exhibition of projects

"First Steps in science»

1. Beisekeeva Z. R. " Pets in the village»

2. Morozova N. V. " Types of transport from a physical point of view»

3. Kim O. P. " the Mysterious universe»

4. Beketaeva M. B. " Interactive Yurt»

5. Shabaeva A. S. "Kazakh musical instruments»

6. Polozova M. G. " Reflex arc»

7. Chikunova N. A. " the world of mazes»

8. Gamova T. G., Maeva D. D. " Smart watches»

9.  Smirnova M. A. " Interesting library»

10. Bayanbaeva M. S. "Book quest»

11. Konakbayeva A. K. " I Invent and embody»

12. Kudysheva G. B. " Hydraulic crane with your own hands»

13. Aitzhanov A. Z. " Polite robot»

14. Mukeeva Zh. M. " Interactive graphics»

15. Sourikova R. H. "rocks and minerals of his native land»



14:35-15:15 Master classes

"The main value is in the idea of experience, and there is no point in copying it in detail»

Bilalov S. I. physical therapy "prevention of posture disorders, classical massage" 10.


Creating conditions for maintaining and strengthening the physical health of students through correction of posture disorders.


-teach special corrective exercises to form correct posture;

-practical classic massage;

-способствоватьto foster a sustained interest in systematic physical therapy classes and create an emotional release during classes.


 Derova I. A. "automation of sounds in a game form" 11.


To fix the articulation of sounds [c-W ], to exercise the ability to distinguish sounds [c-W ] in words, phrases and sentences.


-formation of phonemic hearing and perception;           

-актуupdating and updating the vocabulary on the topic "My apartment", improving the grammatical structure of speech;

 -развитиеdevelopment of attention, memory, and thinking.


 Beisekeeva Z. R. Social and household orientation "table Setting" 14.


Introduce the concept of table setting, serving rules, serving items.


 -учитьlearn to apply the knowledge gained on table setting in practice, to bring up accuracy and aesthetics in the design of the table;

 -развиватьdevelop fine motor skills of hands, visual and auditory perception, imagination in the process of table setting;

 -развиватьdevelop the ability to respond with complete, detailed statements to the teacher's questions;


Belyaeva A.V. "using finger gymnastics and PalmArt techniques in creating a collective work"15.


Application of the PalmArt drawing technique (fingers, palms) in creating a collective work. Improving the social adaptation of children with POA, strengthening their psychological health.


- развиватьdevelop fine motor skills and hand coordination;

- расширятьexpand vocabulary, develop imagination, and thought processes;

- закрепconsolidate the skills of perseverance, patience and relevance;

-help children emotionally unload and get rid of negative emotions, avoid aggression from the child;

 -воспитcultivate an interest in visual activities and a friendly attitude towards each other.



15:20-15:30 Viewing the video

Best school education project " From concept to result»



15:30-16:50 Plenary session