Commemorative booklet to the population at finding out suspicious persons

Signs testifying to planning or preparation of act of terrorism :
1) repeated appearance of suspicious persons in surroundings building, where you work (visit often), or in the court of house, realization of photo and videosurvey, and also records in a notebook;
2) attempts to avoid meeting with the employees of law enforcement authorities of иуклониться from the chambers of videosupervision (dropped a head, turned aside, covered a person);
3) penetration in basements and on the garrets of building of persons that does not relate to their technical service;
4) groundless entering of strangers into a contact with guards and auxiliary personnel of administrative and dwellings building, finding out for them information about office hours, measures on providing of safety etc.;
5) search by the extraneous persons of people ready for a solid reward to execute малозначимую work (transmission of package, faltung, parcel).
In case of finding out suspicious persons it is necessary to execute next actions:
1) not to accept independent