Reception of people’s statement and their consideration.


Director of school №9 is Abi G.К.

              Environment  1000-1200, 1600-1800 

deputy  of director on educational part  is  - Bekmurzaeva N.B.

                Thursday  1000-1200

deputy of director on the advanced study - Razahova T.A.

                 Tuesday   800-1200

deputy  of director on educational part  - Zhakupbekova Sh.D.

                 environment  1400-1800

deputy  of director on informatization -   Kanatov Z.К.

                   Friday      800-1300

deputy  of director on educator work  of  - Sagimbekova D.R.

                    Tuesday 900-1600


Accountable for a reception statement of citizens and their consideration:

of  - Ulkenbaeva Saltanat Lyazzatovna

                                                   Tel 4-63-08