Five tips for those who want to protect themselves from the flu.

Дата: 2020-01-20 15:19:50
Five tips for those who want to protect themselves from the flu.
Five tips for those who want to protect themselves from the flu.
How does infection happen? When talking, coughing, sneezing, the patient (or the carrier of the virus) secretes microparticles of saliva and mucus, which contain viruses. When they enter the mucous membranes of a healthy person, infection occurs. Do not forget that infection is also possible through contact. That is, through touch, common objects. It looks like this. We touch the doorknob, the handrail that the sick man touched. Then with unwashed hands we scratch my nose, three eyes. Viruses find themselves in their usual environment - infection occurs. So how do you minimize the risk of disease?
Tip 1
Use interferon medications. Interferon is an antiviral protein. It stops the division of viral particles in the affected cell. Interferon acts on influenza viruses and other acute respiratory viral infections. Interferon preparations are available in the form of nasal drops, ointments, suppositories, as well as lyophilisates, from which you can independently prepare the medicine. With influenza and SARS, interferon is usually used in the form of nasal drops. One of these drugs is Grippferon nasal drops, which includes recombinant alpha-2b interferon. The drug is effective for any respiratory viruses. During the period of an epidemic rise in the incidence of SARS, Grippferon is instilled in the morning every day or every other day. The course lasts 10-14 days. Grippferon is safe, does not cause side effects and has virtually no contraindications. The drug is allowed even for pregnant women and newborns.
Tip 2
Do not use immunostimulants without a doctor’s prescription. Sometimes immunostimulants are taken as prescribed by a doctor. However, the immune system is very complex, and does not always respond properly to stimulation. Uncontrolled use of immunostimulants is dangerous. In addition, these funds are contraindicated in childhood and during pregnancy.
Tip 3
If someone from the home is sick, often ventilate the room, wash your hands with soap and water, wear a mask. When someone in the family has the flu, the risk of contracting the disease is high. Especially if you care for the sick. Ventilate the room where the sick person is often. This will help minimize the amount of viruses in the room. In addition, do not forget about the simple rules of hygiene. Washing your hands will protect you from contact infection. Also, the patient and those who care for him can use a disposable medical mask. In this case, you must follow the rules for wearing it: 1. Change the mask every 3-4 hours. 2. The damp mask must be replaced with a new one. 3. Be sure to discard the disposable used mask. Do not reuse it.
Tip 4
In contact with a sick flu, you can use Grippferon to protect yourself from infection. If someone from your home doctor diagnoses “flu” or “SARS”, then other family members can use Grippferon for prevention. This will significantly reduce the risk of developing an infection. Upon contact with an infected person, the drug is instilled into the nose twice a day for 5 days. Grippferon is also used to treat influenza and SARS. If you start to drip the drug at the first sign of the disease, you can avoid the development of complications. In addition, the disease will proceed in a milder form.
Tip 5
Strengthen immunity Healthy lifestyle - excellent prevention of influenza and SARS. Try to get enough sleep, eat well, temper and do not forget about physical activity. Eat at the same time. Give preference to healthy food, limit fried, fatty, smoked, sweet. Make sure your diet contains enough vitamins. Exercise strengthens immunity perfectly. Choose an activity to your liking: buy a subscription to a fitness club, sign up for dancing, go to the pool, and start running in the mornings. Or just walk more in the fresh air. Do not forget that training should be moderate and regular. And, most importantly, look at life more positively. Rejoice in the bright sun, the blue sky, the approaching spring! Optimists get sick less often.