In Kazakhstan, approved the final version of the alphabet in Latin

Дата: 2018-11-29 09:23:57
The President of Kazakhstan, Nursultan Nazarbayev, approved a new version of the Kazakh alphabet, based on the Latin script. In the alphabet, to which the country should go over the next seven years, there will be 32 letters. In the Cyrillic version of the Kazakh alphabet, which has been used for nearly eighty years, there were 42 of them.
At the end of October, Nazarbayev signed a decree on a phased transition to the Latin alphabet until 2025. Initially, the head of the republic was presented with a choice of two versions of the Kazakh alphabet in the Latin alphabet: in the first, some specific sounds of the Kazakh language were proposed to be designated using digraphs (combinations of two letters), the second variant assumed the transmission of these sounds in writing using apostrophes.
The head of the republic approved the version with apostrophes, however linguists and philologists criticized this version of the alphabet. According to scientists, the excessive use of apostrophes would seriously complicate reading and writing - out of 32 letters of the alphabet, 9 would immediately be written with an asterisk.
The project was sent for revision - in the final version, approved by Nazarbayev on February 20, there are no apostrophes, but new diacritical signs like umlauts are used (for example, á, ń), as well as two digraphs (sh, ch).
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